Thursday, June 30, 2011

Revisiting the blogs I read

OK this post has officially gotten me angry.  It was beautiful... long, informative, witty.  Alas, Moofie got it.  (Am I dating myself with that term?)  So, here I am starting over.  I won't be so eloquent this time.  Ah, who am I kidding?  I'm short, sweet, to the point, but rarely eloquent.  Scratch that too.  Over explanation is in my nature.  LOL

So, it's been a while since I wrote a post that visits the couponing blogs I frequent and I thought it might be useful to do again.  As usual, I've added some and deleted others, especially since the advent of Extreme Hoarding Frauding Couponing.  I always use Google Reader to aggregate the blogs I read since there are so many.  I'd have more, but there are a lot of bloggers out there that only allow a line or two to be aggregated.  Too bad.  I don't have time to chase down a blog if they won't allow a full RSS feed.  It may seem snobby, but I don't just sit around waiting for more deal blogs to come through.  This is the reason I made sure mine will come through 100%.  I didn't want to waste anyone elses' time either.

That being said, I have a number of sub-categories that I've created folders for in my reader.  For couponing, I have general blogs, store specific and Texas specific.

Store Specific:
  • I Heart Kroger (she's not in TX, so she's not affected by not having doubles and triples. also a lot of her deals are specific to her area. nonetheless, it's nice to see what hidden deals may be available.  I've mostly stopped shopping at Kroger since they got rid of the doubles/triples)
  • I Heart The Mart
  • I Heart Wags
  • Totally Target
  • Wild for Wags
Texas Specific:
One last thing.. sometimes it's most advisable to check out a Coupon Forum or two.  It's especially helpful when you're about to create a shopping list and need to match up the coupons quickly.  You can also get some insider information on certain stores (for example, I didn't know about the HEB Fresh or Free Guarantee before checking out some forums).  Sometimes you can find out if there's a coupon hidden somewhere for a sale item that you'd like to match up using their coupon databases.  Here are the ones I like.

 Got any other good blogs or forums?  Share them in the comments! :)

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