Monday, August 2, 2010

Walgreens GoodNites clearance

Seriously, Y'all.  If you have a child that needs to wear Good Nites or if you have one that you'll be potty training soon, head over to Walgreens to get some of theirs while they last on clearance.  They've been marked down anywhere from $2.89-$3.19 a pack and paired with the $1.50 off coupon from and some of the $2 off coupons from the free sample from Wal-Mart, it's a GREAT deal!  Ok, it was a pretty great deal before the coupons, but to get any sort of diapers for $0.89-$1.69 a pack really kicks money saving butt!

At this price it's also reasonable to donate these items.  I know that there are LOTS of shelters and places such as the Center for Pregnancy that helps out lower income moms that need help for their tots (I went to the Center for Pregnancy when I was pregnant with my son and they were SUCH an immense help - all I had to do was watch videos to earn "Baby Bucks" that were turned in for stuff we couldn't afford like a crib, clothes, food, or diapers).  Just something to consider in order to give back to the community for little cost of time or money.

Edited to add: you can also throw in the 15% off Friends and Family coupon here through August 4th to  make this deal even sweeter!  If you have manufacturer q's equal to the amount of Good Nites you're purchasing, you *might* need to add a filler item such as a $0.10 pencil just to allow all your q's to be used.  This would make each package a $0.75 money maker-$1.02 out of pocket each.  SWEET!

2nd Edited to add:  I found $1.50 off blinkies at Kroger last night.  Gonna get me some more if they're not sold out!  :^D


  1. Oh this is so good to know! I have a potty-trained but deep sleeper on my hands and we use the Good Nights every night. It would be great to get such a good deal on them! Thanks for the heads-up. :)

  2. Oh, I know. I've stocked up and am gonna hit up a few more stores to see if I can find some. According to Mom & Dad In Law Newbie, the boys tend to not be trained over night till around age 7, so I'll definitely be using these for a while.

    So glad I could help you find a deal, JessieLeigh :)