Tuesday, May 11, 2010

This is why you check your receipts

As I said earlier, I had 3 q's that didn't come off my bill. On top to that, my checkout person was the front end supervisor! I could've been mean and cussed them all out 6 days till Monday over the $3 I was overcharged. Did I? No! I called and spoke to the person at the customer service desk & was asked to come back in 1/2 hour so they could pull the q's. I did & they also realized the q's hadn't been scanned.

Easy peasy! Got my $3 back which was just as well because Mr. Newbie decided he wanted pizza for dinner. Used that $3 toward it. Since I was without Pre-K Newbie, I decided to look around for a moment. Got a Red Baron pizza for $3.66 and had a $1.50 off q, so paid $2.16 for a full sized pizza! Mr. Newbie likes thick pizzas so I just got him a Kroger one for $3.34. I also picked up 5-McCormick grill seasonings on sale for $1.25 each with 5-$0.50 off q's that doubled making them $0.25 each! Paid the same for 5 as the sale price for 1! I <3 the chicken one on beef.

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