Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kroger trip 5/13-67% savings on meat!

I'm over budget this week for groceries, but we also were almost out of meat. So, when I went to Kroger Tuesday I saw signs all over that there was going to be a huge 7-day meat sale. Because of this, I didn't buy meat except for 1 item that was reduced for quick sale just so I could have something for dinner. We're close to out of meat, so I needed to. In that time, I nearly spent all my food budget. I was bad & "borrowed" $20 from the emergency fund (Don't tell Dave Ramsey) in order for us to eat. I got:

2 Butterball turkey sausages bogo $3.29. Used 2-$0.75 off q's
Chuck steak $5.29
5 lbs chicken pinwheels $3.90
Oscar Meyer bologna $0.95, used $2 off printable
Oscar Meyer Cotto Salami $0.95, used $2 off printable
Beach Nut baby food $0.66
Kroger charcoal $1.49/bag because it was ripped
Bananas $1.23

They were out of the pork ribs but I got a raincheck.

Before sales & q's: $37.92
Kroger savings $20.10
Manufacturer q savings $5.50
Total out of pocket $12.32

So happy I waited!

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