Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wal-Mart trip 5/22/09

This was my first trip to Wal-Mart. Always the lowest prices, eh? Not so much. Did my worst EVER here. Guess Wal-Mart is now relegated to emergency shopping only. I will say that I did make a few "errors" on this trip. First of all, my cat NEEDED some food ASAP and I didn't have any coupons so I had to just go with the lowest store price. Also, the flea outbreak this year is HUGE. I even have them in my car and the only 'animals' that have been in my car have been me & my son. Had no choice but to get something that was a spray so I could spray my car. No coupon for that either. None for the Sweet "n" low and I was out, the Benadryl wasn't on sale and I only had a $1 off coupon, but my legs have been eaten up so bad by... you guessed it, fleas, that I had to do something. No coupon for the Parmesian cheese or the Bird's Eye either. The vegetables was my own fault. My son was acting up and I forgot to give tham to the checkout. That would've been an addional $5 in savings. I also got the envelopes in an attempt to organize my coupons better, but it's not working out. Not that we didn't need some envelopes, but it could've waited or I could've gotten something more practical for my purposes. Also not pictured was a 20-oz Diet Dr. Pepper and some Flamin' Hot Cheetos to appease the boy. That was $1.25-ish well spent as he was quiet for most of my trip.

Dr. Pepper $1.38
Cheetos $0.88
Orville Redenbacher's Popcorn $2.73/$0.40 off coupon = $2.33
Lunchables $1.94 each/$1.00 off WYB 2 coupon = $2.88
Sweet N Low $1.74
Envelopes $0.94
Cottonelle tubs $5.38
Steamfresh veggies $3.22 (would've had $1.00 off had I remembered the coupons in my pocket)
Benadryl $4.28/$1.00 off coupon = $3.28
Parmesan cheese $2.78
A-1 Steak sauce $2.08/$1.00 off coupon = $1.08
Tabasco sauce $0.98/$1.00 off coupon = $0.02 overage (does Wal-Mart do overage or do they adjust down?)
9 Lives $3.58
Prescription $4.00 (yes, even my 'scripts are thrifty - or else on my insurance co-pay I'd have to pay $20/$40/$60)
Glade lasting impressions $5.00 each/$4.00 off coupons for both=$1.00 each
Coffee Mate Hazelnut $2.96/$1.00 off coupon = $1.96
Angel soft bath tissue $1.24/$.75 off coupon = $0.49
Cottonnelle bath tissue $1.00 each/$0.50 off coupon = $3.00
Steamfresh meals for 2 $10.36 (would've had $4.00 off had I remembered the coupons in my pocket)
Cat spray $6.67 (just noticed it was on my receipt twice and only bought 1 - makes me wonder how many other things I got double charged on in the past)

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