Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Blogs I Read

The blogs I read.

Recently, I've been asked which blogs I use to help me with coupon matchups. I'm happy to post them! See, I use the blogs for two reasons - I'm new at this and my toddler rarely gives me a few minutes to myself to really think & matchup coupons. What I've done is start a Google Reader account where I loaded all the links. I keep the reader open so that it will tell me when there's a new post. It's a lot easier than going page by page to see who has updated or not and it takes a lot less email inbox room too.
  1. Bargain Brianna
  2. Be CentsAble
  3. Couponing 101
  4. Couponing Addict
  5. Dave Ramsey
  6. Deal Seeking Mom
  7. Engineer a Debt Free Life
  8. Houston Blogs: Super Saver
  9. Jane4Girls $800 Annual Budget for a Family of 4
  10. Katy Couponers
  11. KHOU Coupon Contessa
  12. Mommy Snacks
  13. Pamela Sykes-Barry
  14. Saving with Shellie
  15. Stretching a Buck
  16. Surviving The Stores
As you can see, I try to do my research before going out, but what better way to do my research than to have someone else do it for me? ;)

There's also some online sources for coupons. My main one is Coupons.com. You can also sign up for e-coupons from sources such as Cellfire, UPromise (which also helps save a little bit for college), and Shortcuts. Oh, and how I save a lot at Target is to combine the paper coupons with their store coupons. You can print the store coupons (as well as other coupons) from A Full Cup.

So that's where I get my ideas from. I have over $2k in coupons saved right now (I keep an excel database which helps me weed out the expired ones easily - also the printed database helps me to see if I have a coupon in my stash that I need but didn't know I needed). I hope this canhelp you save money like it helped me.

Got any others? Let me know!

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