Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kroger trip 3/10/10 22% savings!

I went to Kroger yesterday because we were low on meat. I pretty much stuck to sales and what was marked down for quick sale. I literally only ran in to get some meat and leave. I did take one detour through the pharmacy to see if I could find some of the Vick's cough drops mostly because I need some tissues in my house and I'm all out of my favorite - Puffs Plus with Vick's. I can't seem to find these cough drops ANYWHERE!!! I guess I'll just have to figure out another deal because I definitely don't want those coupons to expire!

Didn't take a picture, but here's the breakdown:

2 corned beef briskets on sale for $2.99/lb - spent $11.75, saved $5.91 off of regular price
1 beef steak reduced to #3.81
4 Kroger frozen chicken Cordon Bleu/Broccoli Cheese - $1.00 each, saved $0.29 each
1 Kroger decongestant - $2.99
1 Pork Steaks $4.87 - saved $0.86

Kroger Plus Savings $7.93 22% savings
No coupons used
Spent $27.42 out of pocket

I really think I did pretty well considering it's all meat. I love me some corned beef! I've been stocking up on it because this is the only time of year we can get it here in Houston without special ordering it. I've been freezing a lot of it to have later on. I love how I can just put it in the slow cooker early in the morning and when everyone comes home all I have to worry about is a vegetable and maybe some potatoes. I do this when we have to go out early and will be home late. It's so worth it!

Oh, has anyone else ever tried the nasal decongestant inhalers? I have really bad sinus problems. Seriously, bad!!! I haven't been able to smell anything in 3 years. Taking over the counter medications don't do anything except relieve the pain. They don't help clear the stuffiness. I have a prescription that's run out, but can't afford to see the doc to get it refilled and he won't allow it through the pharmacy (besides, it costs $40 and it's a generic). I would prefer this one the most because it also has a steroid for the inflammation, but I need to do what I can which is OTC remedies. Any suggestions?

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