Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Even the Wall Street Journal is acknowledging coupons for what it is.

Couponing is an Extreme Sport, Fueled by a Recessionary Spurt of Frugality

I find this quote interesting:
"All the deal making isn't great for grocers, some of which have seen their profits squeezed by discounting. Craig Herkert, chief executive of Supervalu Inc., operator of Jewel, Albertson's and other supermarkets, recently told analysts that shoppers with an eye for discounts were "executing with surgical precision."
Thing is, yeah we're doing it with precision but so are grocers. They stock impulse items all over. Candy is at eye level to tots. We're basically saying that our money is OURS and not the grocers. The manufacturers are trying to help us buy THEIR products by giving us these discounts. They get an extra $0.08 per coupon. How is that making their profits smaller?

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