Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Kroger trip 2/22/10

Kroger 2/22/10

That is one full shopping cart! I love it! Now, I must admit that the stuff on the lower right was all WIC and I had picked out the wrong orange juice so I had to put it back. Nonetheless, I did pretty well with the Daytona sale they were running. This time I actually got a full 20 items, not 23, not 29, but actually 20! I got a lot of looks over my coupon binder and comments on how I was a professional couponer. LOL. I'm humored easily. Also, the cashier pointed out to me that Kroger is considering not taking internet printable coupons any longer due to the high amount of fraud. Great. Idiots ruining it for the rest of us again.

The breakdown:
2 Diet Coke $1.25 each = $2.50
Sweet 'n' low $1.96
5 Kroger chicken cordon blue's and chicken with broccoli & cheeses $1.00 each, paid $5.00
2 Kroger sour cream on clearance for $0.39 each
4 Gorton Fish Fillets $3.49 each = $13.96
Orida Frozen Fries $2.79 each = $5.58
Round Steak "reduced for quick sale" $3.90
Jennie-O Turkey Store breakfast sausages "reduced for quick sale" $1.69
2 Corned Beef (love this stuff!) $10.21 total
2 - Mission Tortillas $1.59 each = 3.18
16 Chef Boyardee cans on sale for $1.00 each = $16.00
Kroger pumpkin spice on clearance for $1.49
Kroger Value Paper Towels $0.63
Meow Mix Cat Food on clearance for $2.29
Beneful Dog Food on clearance for $2.19 (couldn't find coupons for either pet food, but apparently I had a Cellfire coupon for the Beneful)
2 Land O' Frost ham lunch meats - $3.49 each = $6.98
2 Ragu Pasta Sauces $1.95 each = $3.90
2 Go-Gurts $2.50 each = $5.00

WIC Items:
1 Gallon milk $2.38
4 Golden Delicious Apples $1.34
5 Naval Oranges $1.66
1 Quart milk $1.19
Jiff Peanut Butter $2.49

Ok, I'll be honest here. I'm being lazy and don't want to re-calculate the totals below. $7.40 was too much for the WIC that I had left. I think only the apples, milk, and pb were counted as WIC items and I paid cash for the rest.

I can't even begin to remember which coupon went where. I had a bunch that doubled and a couple of high value ones that didn't, as well as $6 off for the Daytona deal and a $4.00 on-your-next-order Catalina from buying all the Pillsbury pizza dough last week.

Total before coupons & sales: $107.26
Manufacturer coupon savings: $19.10
Bonus coupon savings: $3.78
Kroger plus card savings: $26.31
Total Savings: $49.19 - 45%!

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