Sunday, July 3, 2011

Eat the rainbow!

It's not a huge case of strawberries, but it's still good eats!
Farmer's Markets and local farms are a great source of getting vegetables cheap. Some farms also have pick-your-own vegetables lots which makes them even less! I wish there were more of them in my area. We'd definitely go more often to help gain an appreciation of where our food comes from. It's also a great activity for tiring out kids. Lol

As far as I know, the closest farm to me is Froberg's Farm in Alvin, TX. For a few months a year they have u-pick strawberries. Since it's about 45 minutes away from me and gas is outrageous, we head there once in a while. I lucked out today because we happened to be in the area and I begged my husband to stop on our way home. They had some different "imperfect" baskets to choose from for only $1/basket! Woo hoo! Totally jumped on it. They weren't tiny baskets either. I got 8 tomatoes, 10 cucumbers, and 11 green peppers. The broccoli was about $1.50/lb, the cauliflower was $1.50/head, the mango was $0.50 each. I also got 3-20oz sodas at $1.35 each because it was 95f out not including the Texas heat index. Paid $11 even for all of this! 

Anyone know of any other u-pick ms just general farms near Galveston? I'd love to support some local businesses while getting the freshest produce available.


  1. I went to Froberg's for the first time about two weeks ago. I'm about an hour away from them so it was quite a haul but I'd heard it was awesome. I did find some great things, like those huge red baskets FULL of cucumbers for only $1! I was so excited! We went late in the day though so a lot of things were picked over. That'll teach me to procrastinate!

    Have you seen this website?

    It's a list of pick your owns/farmers' markets in the Houston area. Hopefully it helps!

  2. Thanks for the site recommendation! I do think I've gone there before. I have a 4yo that I try to keep entertained over summer ;) I'll definitely check it out again.

    I love it when Froberg's has their overpick baskets. You can get such great deals there. Last year they had HUGE boxes of strawberries for super cheap (I honestly can't remember if it was $3 or $10 for the box). They were "imperfects" but I don't care! I froze a ton of them, put some on peanut butter sandwiches for my son, an made my own syrup with the rest. Sooooooo good. Definitely worth a trip when they have the u-pick strawberries. Wears out the kiddos nicely.

    I too live about an hour away from Froberg's. On this particular day, my husband was going for his flight lesson (purchased for $50 from a daily deal site for Father's Day) and we passed Froberg's on the way home. Very nice ending to the morning for us.