Wednesday, October 27, 2010

First trip "back"

I'm so tired, y'all!  Seriously.  I spent most of the afternoon making up a grocery list and clipping q's from inserts that I haven't clipped yet.  It's exhausting, but rewarding.  In the end, it was worth it.  I ended up with this:

Yup... it's my first 'haul' photo in my new place!  We live in an older house - probably about 50 years old or so.  I love it!  It's so beautiful.  I know, I know, it's hardly frugal to live in an energy sucking house, but on the other hand it's hardly frugal to be spending twice as much in rent for a perfectly sealed one either.  The table was frugal, at least.  I had a yard sale while staying at my in-law's and their neighbor donated this table.  I liked it much better than the rectangle one I had been using, so I got rid of that in favor of this.  The tablecloth had been purchased almost 3 years ago on a trip to Wisconsin at the K-Mart Christmas clearance.  I think I paid about $3 for Martha Stewart!  Until now it had been used as a curtain.  LOL

Back to the trip.  I researched as much as I could with I Heart Kroger, Katy Couponers, Zeal for a Deal and Frugal Reality.  I had missed a bunch of sweeeeeeeet deals like free hummus, but I scored on others like free liquid soap.  I didn't bring my binder even though I needed some items that weren't on sale, but I definitely could've used coupons toward those items.  I'm not too terribly upset, though.  I'm more upset that I didn't realize I had 13 items from the current mega event instead of just 10.  I guess I shouldn't be too upset.  Five of those items were completely free, Mega Event or not.  

Would you forgive me if I didn't break everything down?  No?  How about this:

Does that make you forgive me?  No.  :(  Didn't think so.  Here's the best I can do:

Regular Items
  • 2 Kroger Beer & Cheddar brats $1.99 each
  • 2 Yakisoba noodles on sale for $0.80, used 2 $0.50 coupons that fully doubled to $1.00 off!
  • 3 Sunny D's $1.00, used 3 $0.25 off coupons that tripled, paid $0.75 for all 3
  • Asparagus on sale for $1.99/lb, paid $1.93
  • Broccoli crowns on sale for $1.00/lb, paid $0.83 (it didn't look super good therefore I only got 1)
  • 2 Angel Soft Bath Tissue $1.00 each
  • Mission Low Carb Fajita Tortillas $2.89
  • Cat Litter $2.79
  • Kroger Value Iced Oatmeal Cookies (been craving something sweet) $0.99
  • 2 Jennie-O Ground Turkey marked down to $1.59 each
  • Kroger Crackers $1.00
  • 2 Big K 24 pack can soda $3.99 each
  • Kroger Hot Dog Buns $1.00
  • Kroger Deluxe American Slices $2.99
  • Yoplait Yo Plus yogurt on clearance for $0.49/4 cartons
  • Cat Chow Cat Food $3.00
  • Dial Liquid Soap $1.00, used $0.35 off coupon that tripled and gave me $0.05 overage each
Mega Event items (prices before $5.00, or $0.50 each item, taken off):
  • 4 Kids Cuisine Entrees $1.89 each, used some coupons, paid very little
  • 3 Bird's Eye Frozen Vegetables $1.89 each, used buy a Steam Fresh vegetable get a sauce item free coupons, total of 6 for $5.67 or $0.95 each... but the cashier took the entire amount of 2.99 each off instead of $1.49 for 3 off essentially making them all FREE
  • 2 Hungry Man Dinners $2.28 (used FaceBook coupon for $2.00 off)
  • 1 Tombstone Pizza $2.49
Meal Deal
Buy this
  • Kroger Fajita meat (I chose the beef over chicken) $8.99
Get this free
  • Mission Tortillas  $1.00
  • Eddy Sausage $4.99
  • Dole Shredded Lettuce $1.69
  • Kroger Potato Salad $1.99
WIC Items:
  • Sara Lee Bread $1.89
  • Springdale White Milk $2.68
  • Kroger Medium Eggs $0.88

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