Monday, August 23, 2010

I didn't realize my last post was 2 weeks ago.  Sorry about that.

Update on my life.  We're not moving to Phoenix :(  It was definitely circumstances beyond our control, but it was circumstances that someone else could've controlled.  Before I get all angry and ranting on something doesn't belong here, I'll stop even though I want to go on.  Grrrrrrr.

Well, one of the drawbacks of the Phoenix plans was that we had to give our apartments notice of our moving out.  According to our lease they required 2 months notice.  So.... well that means we have to move and they knew we were moving about 1 1/2 months before plans fell through.  That means we're homeless until we can come up with deposits to rent somewhere else (technically in TX if you're of age and live with family or if you live in a hotel you're considered homeless).  We'll be living with my wonderful in-laws Newbie!  Hi mom and dad!  Love you guys!  Even with how much love I have for them, I'm still angry about being forced to move with them because the other situation would've been so much better for us in the long run.  Even so, I'm expecting... I should say I'm hoping... to have all deposits saved up by the end of 1 month.

I hate to add to the fact that the 18th was the 2nd anniversary of my mom's death and the 28th would've been her 66th birthday... oh and September 3rd would've been the 10th anniversary with my 1st husband had he lived.  It's been a rough month for this little Newbie.

Mr. Newbie wants to rent a house and in my in-law's area, houses cost as much as the rent we're currently paying.  I know, I know... electric and water will be more than we're paying, our credit's shot (rental credit is near perfect, though), and we'll have to put utilities in our names that we've never had in our names before.. oh and we'll have to get a lawnmower (that I'm crossing my fingers I won't have to nag Mr. Newbie to use), but having much more room will be like a dream!  I'll miss the pool so incredibly much and now PreK newbie has made friends that are his age (4, 5, and 7) this past week which will totally SUCK that we won't live near them any more, but we're working to turn lemons into at least lemon juice.

Lemonade will have to come later.

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