Friday, March 12, 2010

Wal-Mart trip 3/11/2010

Allright, I now have an example of why you should NEVER shop without a plan and with a non-couponer. I love Mr. Newbie to death, but when he comes with me on shopping trips, my budget is totally blown for the week, if not month, in one trip and not much has been bought. He kept throwing stuff in the basket saying "I've been wanting this." That's NOT how to stay on budget, I kept telling him. I bent on some items. I found coupons for others. From now on, he's not coming with me! His job when I shop will be to watch Pre-K Newbie and carry in the groceries. I feel like I left totally ripped off.

We ONLY bought the stuff that was on the belt directly. Everything on there came out of the "grocery" money budget, whether or not it was a grocery item. Fortunately the sales at other stores are good this week so I won't be having to spend too much more.

  • Coffee Mate Sugar Free Hazelnut $3.12
  • * Coffee Mate Tiramasu $1.73
  • Oscar Mayer Bologna $2.00
  • * DVD-R 30 pack $12.36 (just noticed I got charged for 2 when I only bought 1 - called and will be getting a refund)
  • * Car Air Freshener $2.38
  • Car Air Freshener $1.98
  • * Tony's Mini Pizza $1.50
  • Tyson Anytizers Chicken Cordon Blue Poppers $6.98 (price was marked $4-something so I need a refund)
  • Fruit Chillers $1.88
  • * DiGorno Pizza $5.98
  • * California Pizza Kitchen pizza $4.98
  • * TGIF Jalapeno Poppers $4.48
  • Simply Gogurt Berry $2.34
  • Dryers Ice Cream $3.98
  • Purina Little Bites $4.68
  • Bananas $1.28
  • * Car Mirror $3.96
* The starred items were what Mr. Newbie said he "had" to have which equaled $34.99 (or actually $43.75 because we got double charged for the DVD's).

Coupons used:
  • $1.50 off any Tyson Anytizers
  • $0.40 off any Gogurt
  • $1.00 off two Coffee Mate
  • $1.00 off Fruit Chillers
  • $2.00 off any Purina item
  • $0.75 off any Dryers
  • $6.65 total saved
Let's not forget that I will get $12.36 plus tax back for the double charge and somewhere around $2 back for getting overcharged for the Anytizers, but until I do get that back I consider it money spent.

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