Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wal-Mart trip 2/25/2010

I know I shop there a lot, but I really dislike Wal-Mart. Their prices are normally higher than anywhere else and even with a list I end up buying more than I planned - because that's the type of place Wal-Mart is for me. It's also the closest place for me to get to. I normally use their pharmacy because it's the least expensive. Thing is, this time I took a look at some of the good deals I could get there. I decided to go ahead and use some coupons that would give me overage since I had to get to prescriptions (thankfully they were both on the $4.00 list). The cashier was skeptical at first to give me so much overage, but the ladies behind me were very impressed! I explained to them how the overage worked and the cashier agreed with me. The ladies asked me questions like where I got my coupons and I explained. They were just in awe that most of the stuff I bought was with coupons. If you look out there, most things have a coupon available. MOST, not all.

Here's the other thing. I had 3 items to return today. We bought a dog collar that was just too small. I bought Kiddo Newbie a t-shirt that was 18 months instead of 3T because I was in a hurry and didn't look at the size. There was also a dog shirt that Mr. Newbie said he didn't like at all even though it had a pirate/seaman theme and skull and crossbones. I returned that last item expecting to get the $3 I paid for it back. The $3 tag was even still on it. They scanned the barcode and gave me close to $9 back! The $3 tag was plainly on the shirt and it was definitely a Wal-Mart markdown tag. That's up to them now, I figure.

Wal-Mart trip 2/25/2010

International Delight Coffee Creamer $2.26 (used free item coupon)
3-Knox gelatin $1.32 each (used 3-$4 off coupon - $8.04 overage)
2-Prescriptions $8
4-Coffee Mate Originals Sticks $.92 each (used 2-b1g1f coupons)
2-12 pack Shick disposable razors $1.97 each (used 3-$3 off coupons - $3.09 overage)
2-Shake-N-Bake $1.83 each (used 2-$0.75 off coupons)
1-Corned Beef $4.96

Total before coupons: $28.43
Total after coupons:$5.83 (yes, that's $2.17 less than the cost of the prescriptions alone)

Oh, and I promised one of the little girls outside the store that I would buy a box of Girl Scout cookies from her when I got out, which is why there's a box of Thanks A Lot's in the bag. I hear they're good. They better be for $3.50 a box! They're really nothing to write home about. Next year I'll get my standard whatever-the-name-of-the-shortbread-is.
At least it's for charity.

I liked how I did so well that when I went to Walgreen's to refill my color ink cartridge for 58% off, as is today's daily deal, I bought myself a cheap bottle of wine. This cost me $3.24.

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