Wednesday, February 15, 2012

More Walgreens issues

My poor blog.  So neglected unless I have something to complain about.  Oh, well it didn't help that this pregnancy has been so completely hard on me physically.  Medically, it's been pretty textbook and rocking awesome, but physically... not so much.  I can't walk around much, I can't stand much, my hips have been hurting like crazy since I was 2 months along and I still have a month to go.  :(

I don't know why I continue to bother with Walgreens.  I do, but still.  I go there to get cheap diapers with their sales, in store coupons, and manufacturer coupons.  Why do they make it so difficult when they actually allow you to combine all these items according to their coupon policy?
Yesterday, I was denied using a manufacturer coupon for Huggies Little Movers (2/12 SS) because I had selected the Slip-On style. I was in too much pain (despite only being in the store for 10 minutes, tops) to argue. Today I've seen a photo of the item I was planning to purchase thanks to the Krazy Coupon Lady. Apparently the Slip-On style is also Little Movers. How was this an incorrect purchase? Planning to make an appearance today in order to get what I had tried to get in the first place, completely legitimately. Hopefully I'll also find the Infant Care book in order to get care book in order to save an additional $0.50. I already have the coupon from the February coupon book to save $2.00 and the $2.00 MFGR coupon. It'll make each pack $4.49 after the sale price of $8.99 and coupons instead of the original cost which is probably close to $11/pack.

I also plan to get PreK Newbie a Beanie Boo from Valentine's day, marked down of course.  He's addicted to those things, and at $5 each, they're only for special occasions!  He has 5 already and is constantly asking for more.  I'll get him 1 today and a few more when he's in PreK tomorrow to put into the gift closet.  We're having a girl this time so even if he grows out of the Beanie Boos, I can save them for her. 

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