Monday, April 11, 2011

For old time's sake... last Kroger trip

 My son just insisted on getting in the shot.  LOL
My most recent, and probably last, trip to Kroger unless they change back their coupon policy or give a better reward program. Before any discounts it was $189 and change. After discounts and coupons it was $79.64. WIC paid $5.93, so my out of pocket total was $73.71. This is money that Kroger is no longer gonna get, including the $0.08 handling fee (and most recently I found out that most stores get an additional handling fee of over $5 per 1,000 coupons - thank you Hip2Save for the information)!

Here's my basic breakdown:
4-Frank's Hot Sauce $0.99 each, used $0.50 off that doubled
4-Yakisoba noodles $0.88 each, used $0.50 off that doubled to the $0.88 amount
1-Cuties 3lb bag $2.99, used $0.55 off coupon
1-Kroger medium eggs $1.43/dozen
1-Orville Redenbacher's Popcorn $1.50, used $1.00 off
2-Pillsbury Sweet Moments on clearance for $1.59, used $0.75 off coupon (the cashier tried to tell me that coupons don't work on discounted items, she tried it anyway and it worked)
4-Ken's Salad Dressing $1.99, used 1.00 off coupon
3-Suave deodorant $1.09, used $0.50 off coupon that doubled
4-Viva Paper Towels Big Roll $1.97, used $0.40 off coupon that doubled
1-Kroger value chicken thighs $5.57
10-Community Coffee 12 oz bags $3.99, used buy 1 get one free coupon
10-Assorted marked down bakery breads on clearance ranging from $0.99-$1.79, used $1.00 off any bakery item when you buy Community Coffee peelies from the coffee
1-Jumbo cantaloupe $1.50
2-Bananas $0.42
2-Butter $2.77, used $0.50 off 2 store mailer
1-Pork Shoulder Butt Steaks $9.01
5-Kroger frozen vegetables 10-12 oz $0.88 each
1-Kroger marinated beef fajitas 2lb bag $5.98
1-Private Selection ice cream $4.49, used $0.75 off store mailer
3-Kroger branded sodas $0.76
1-Toy from the gumball machine $0.50 (not included in the total)

Manufacturer coupon savings $44.10
Bonus coupon savings $6.58
Kroger plus savings $56.35
You saved $61.68 with your plus card
Total savings (56%) $107.03

(edited to add) I forgot to mention that I also had a $5 off $50 coupon that was mailed to me from Kroger to attempt to keep me loyal.  *sigh* Whatever  

I also used 38 manufacturer coupons.  Basing the $0.08 handling for each one, that's $3.04 just in additional handling for the coupons.(/edit)

Quite frankly, I used to do this well with sales at HEB, and at the time I only used their little yellow in-store coupons.  I would frequent their meal deals and have everything I needed, and more, to create a great meal or two for my family.  I was also disappointed that they were out of the French's Worcestershire sauce.  It's a product that I've learned to use and makes some yummy meat, but I'm all out of it myself.  It would've been free after coupon too.  I also didn't find the KC Masterpiece that I had read about being on closeout for $1.19, which would've made it $0.19 after doubled coupon.  Maybe there'll be 1 last last trip to Kroger tomorrow for the Worcestershire sauce because I really do want some.  It actually won't be out of the way considering my son's PreK is pretty close (and even closer to the HEB!).

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