Friday, July 16, 2010

Target trip 7/15/10

Turning this 

into this

My shopping trip to Target using this shopping list. All the picture is missing is 6 bags of cat treats, 2 boxes of Eggo waffles and a bottle of wine. All of this would've been $102.91 before coupons. I paid $56.50!  Lots of the above stuff was free.  
Here's the breakdown:
  • 3 Women's Merona t-shirts on sale for $6 each.  Used $2 off Target q.  Paid $12 instead of $18
  • 1 Men's Merona t-shirt on sale for $6.  Used $2 off Target q.  Paid $4
  • 1 6-pack Hanes underwear on sale for $5.54.  Used $1 off Target q.  Paid $4.54
  • 6 Stride gums at $1.29 each.  Used 3 buy-1-get-1-free Target and Manufacturer coupons.  FREE
  • 1 Kraft Mac & Cheese on sale for $0.69 
  • 1 Sutter Home wine $7.99 
  • 1 Sara Lee bread $2.79
  • 6 Purina Cat Treats for $0.89 each.  Used $1.50 when you buy 2 q's.  Looking at the receipt, it shows that 3 coupons were used but $0.00 came off for each.  I need to talk to them about this.  I feel I'm due a $4.50 refund from this!
  • 2 Kingsford Charcoals $6.26 each.  Used 2-$1 off q's.  Paid 10.52 for both
  • 2 Hidden Valley Ranch $2.54 each.  Used free Hidden Valley Ranch when you buy Kingsford Charcoal.  FREE
  • 2 KC Masterpiece $3.81.  Used 1 free KC Masterpiece when you buy Kingsford Charcoal q and 1 $1 off KC Masterpiece q.  $0.42 for both
  • 2 Gladware $4.99 each.  Used 2 free Gladware bowls coupons when you buy Kingsford Charcoal q's.  FREE
  • Glad Press N Seal wrap $2.64.  Used free glad product when you buy Kingsford Charcoal q.  FREE
  • 2 EGGO Waffles $4.53.  Used $1 off 2 manufacturer q's and $1 off 2 Target q's.  Paid $2.53 for both.

The only WIC item was the bread.  It's literally the ONLY one I'm allowed to get with WIC, so I can't bargain shop for the city, even though I'd like to.  I don't mind this bread, but there's much others of better quality for less money I'd rather buy.  

I called today (7/17) about what I noticed about the cat treats coupons.  She said they've already sent the coupons off, therefore they have no way to verify what coupon I had or that I'm due a refund.  I may just have to return them.  It's not right - the receipt clearly states I had a coupon for the cat treats, the coupon is listed right below it, the amount off is listed as $0.00.  Why would any consumer bother with a coupon for $0.00? I was given a lecture about how I need to check my receipt before I leave the store next time.  I gave her a lecture on how PreK Newbie had been running around, tearing up the store, and how I was frustrated and needed to get him out before some real problems started.  She continued with her lecture.  I figured she never had kids.  I continued on how they'd be getting an excess of $4.50 back but now I'm not getting the discount I legally deserve.  They'll give me my money back, but after much hassle.  *sigh*

They also didn't take any money off for my reusable bags.  While I was there, the manager gave me a $0.25 refund for the ones they used.

Ok, so all this begs the question, is anyone else having problems using q's at stores?  This isn't the first time at Target that it's happened to me, and it's happened too many times to mention at my local Kroger.  If I was doing something illegal or immoral that'd be one thing.  Stores are getting their money plus $.008 back for each coupon they turn in.  Let's use an easy number to figure this out.  Let's say they get 100 manufacturer coupons a day.  They get reimbursed the face value of the coupon PLUS $8.00!  In all honesty, they'd be turning in closer to thousands of coupons a day for one location alone!  It's a money maker for these stores for minimal effort.  How am I hurting them by requesting the discounts?  If you think about it, they should be upset a the customers that don't use coupons.  It's costing them more money!!!!

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