Friday, June 18, 2010

...tonight I'm cleaning out my closet!

Just spent the last 1/2 hour cleaning out my bathroom closet. There was old, nasty expired junk there that traveled from Chicago to Houston in `01! All in the trash now to make room for all the new stuff that's actually being stockpiled for free! Got lots of body wash & Axe shampoo. My fave shampoo rarely goes on sale, so not much of that, but tons of samples that need nice storage boxes so they can actually be found (shoebox style ones are on sale at Kroger for $1 tip week)! Lots of free razors too but no shave cream, though. At least I know we definitely can get by until the next freebie sale for most things! That totally beats having to run out to the store to pay upwards of $7 when I need something. We're so well stocked that I'm considering doing 2 things-(1) making my dad-in-law & grandpa-in-law gift baskets for Father's day and (2) donating at least a little of this stuff. I have plenty for both! There's still tons of work to be done.

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