Friday, June 4, 2010

Should you get a paper this week (6/6)?

There should be 4 inserts in the Sunday paper this week-2 SmartSource, 1 Redplum, and 1 Proctor & Gamble.

Also remember that it's been reported that at $0.99 Only stores and Dollar Trees you can get a Sunday paper for only $1. It costs $2 here in Houston, but the Chronicle has subscriptions for $1/ week for Sunday Only. More than likely you'll have to pay for your subscription for the entire year at once to get this rate (I worked in their Subscriber Services department for a few years) so keep that in mind. Also, if all you want in Sunday only service, make sure to specify you don't want bonus papers. Every so often the local distributors drop off "bonus" papers at no additional cost which for me would be a waste. Also, sometimes the subscription gets entered for daily/Sunday delivery instead of Sunday only accidentally, which would be another reason to follow up.

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