Saturday, May 29, 2010

Motherhood on DVD

I rented this movie tonight with one of my FREE RedBox codes I got from buying 3 Pepsi 2-liters at Kroger. It's a MUST SEE for moms. I felt like I was the main character & I cried @ the end because I know that if given the chance, Mr. Newbie would do just as the man did. I mention this because on the DVD are 9 .pdf q's that expire 12/31/2010, so there's more than 1 reason to rent this gem.
1. Save 15% @ by using "motherhood" when ordering.
2. Save $1 on any Aveeno Baby product (excl trial size)
3. Purchase $50+ Baby Bjorn products @ & get FREE bib using code BJORNBIB @ checkout
4. $10 off diapers or formula & free 2-day shipping @ using code MOTHERHOOD. $49 min tot order, must include diapers or formula
5. Ad for Susan B. Komen for the Cure
6. Ad for
7. NutriSystem: eat free 2 weeks @
8. $ of 2+free tote
9. 20% off MOTHERHOOD @ checkout


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