Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Testing picture/email text message

I hope this will work. Been having a difficult time with it. :(

This is a case of strawberries I got from a local farm called Froberg's Farm. This farm is awesome! There's a huge strawberry patch out back where you can pick your own for $1.99/lb. While that's a good price for berries and it gets you out and moving, it's not as good as what I got for this case. It's the "imperfects." They're either too ripe or odd shaped. I can deal with that... especially for $2 for the entire box! None of them went to waste, either. I gave a bunch away to family and neighbors, froze some, and we ate the rest! Got a second case that I'm planning on giving some away and dating the rest. We'll all be giant strawberries by the time this season's over. Lol.

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