Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hi There!

Hi! My name is Dawn. I'm a newbie to couponing. I've dabbled in it once in a while and saved a dollar or two here and there, but never did anything serious. I thought about starting about a year ago when I heard Erin on the Rula and Ryan show on KRBE here in Houston. She was on a bit they called "Does that make me crazy?" Her whole thing was that she had an annual food budget of $800 for her and her family. I thought she was crazy if for nothing else than taking so much time to search through ads to see how much things were. I dabbled but never got serious.

Fast forward nearly 1 1/2 years later and Erin and her situation is still something I think about occasionally. January 2009 I had decided that one of my resolutions was going to be start to get out of debt. I started to listen to Dave Ramsey every day at work. I realized that not only did I have an income crisis (the biggest part of my problem), but I was also over spending on things that I could do much better on. I started to read up on blogs and seeing that people were doing things like spending $6 on what would've cost anyone else $65. That's when I realized that I absolutely had to do something. Why should I pay full price for things when I could get them so cheap with a little research? So, here's where I am now.

I started stockpiling coupons in the middle of April. I've gotten about a month of stockpiled coupons right now. If I used them all, I'd save over $15,000.00! Of course, that's not taking into account that I'd be spending a lot of money on things because they wouldn't be matched up with other things like savings. I want to get to the range of the girl I mentioned before. That would be so awesome!

I started this blog to chronicle my progress in couponing. I get really busy, but I'll try to do my best to update it regularly. I won't be posting things like coupon matchups as they can be gotten from a ton of other blogs. For right now, this one is personally for me.

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